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INTEND: Intent-Based Data Operation for Sustainable Data Process in the Computing Continuum

Awarded: NOK 69,999

The INTEND project will use AI to manage and adapt resources in the cloud-edge-iot continuum, to achieve efficient intent-based network configuration and data processing. This includes: i) Intelligent resource management; ii) Distributed and federated decision making, and; iii) Human-AI interaction. The core concept of the project proposal: Data operation (managing resources for running data pipelines)? - In cloud: automation based on pre-defined policies? - In the continuum (more complicated): next-level automation? Our concept: Intent-based data operation in the continuum? - Stakeholders describe what they want to achieve, instead of how to achieve? -- Pushing data operation from "resource oriented" to "business oriented"? - A "virtual cognitive data operator" that? -- Learns to manage resources without predefined policies? -- Coordinate multiple and distributed AI models ? -- Collaborate with stakeholders via shared intents?

Funding scheme: