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H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs

aXiom – a first of its kind Human-Machine Interface Chip designed for the automotive industry

Awarded: NOK 23.6 mill.


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2019 - 2022

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The aim is to bring our disruptive aXiom Human-Machine Interface (HMI) chip family to full market maturation, to industrialise/ qualify and pilot aXiom in a real automotive OEM programme and prepare it for scale-up. We will disrupt the global touch-based HMI market and qualify as full-range supplier to the global automotive industry - serving the full market range of automotive touchscreens. Annually, 25,000 people die on EU roads and driver’s distraction is responsible for 10-20% of car accidents. Addressing driver’s distraction requires a new approach for the HMI. However, currently the automotive industry relies on HMI chips developed for the consumer market, far from industry requirements and needs. aXiom is tailored for automotive use and will eliminate the dependence on retrofitted touchscreen products. The overall objective of the HMI4auto project is to implement the findings of our Feasibility Study to enable rapid and successful commercialisation. Key objectives can be grouped in three categories and achieving them will bring us to a wide global market uptake: 1) Technology maturation objectives will industrialise and qualify the aXiom chip family prior to piloting and validation in a real automotive OEM programme. The objective is to raise the TRL of our technology from its current TRL7 to 8 (WP1-3). 2) Pilot and validation objectives to demonstrate and validate the performance, functionality and user benefits through a real automotive OEM programme under the supervision of TouchNetix. This will elevate aXiom from TRL8 to 9 (WP3). 3) Market maturation, project and communication management objectives enabling us to successfully bring aXiom to the market and reach sales traction beyond Phase 2 (WP4-5). We will significantly boost our growth - with accumulated sales revenues of €93.5m for the 5-year post-project, with accumulated operating profit of €35.5m (5.47 ROI) and employment growth of 38 FTEs at MyWo and 120 FTEs in our value chain.

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H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs

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