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SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

Development and Experimental Verification of Numerical Models of Powder Flow (MODPOWFLO)

Awarded: NOK 6.4 mill.

Particulate materials, also called powders or bulk solids, are widely used and produced in Europe. In Norway, a very large number of companies use or produce such materials, ranging from cement and minerals to high value drugs and pigments. In spite of their ubiquity, their behaviour in many processing or handling situations is still poorly understood. Extensive studies have shown that it is NOT possible to scale up to industrial scale from pilot plant tests, without an underlying understand ing of energy and mass balances. This project is designed to improve our underlying understanding of such systems by developing a series of generic models that can be used in simulation of complex gas/particle systems. The models themselves will be developed and verified for a limited nu mber of systems, but it should be possible to extend them to other systems where concentrations are similar. Every model will be verified by experimentation, using medium to large scale test facilities.

Funding scheme:

SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

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