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IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

NEW knowledge and technology for PACKaging of microsystems (NEWPACK)

Awarded: NOK 5.3 mill.

This project proposes to build up knowledge and new technology for development and testing of microsystems, interconnection and packaging of microsystems in miniature cavity packages and the use of "chip-on-board" (COB) techniques. Knowledge and methods for a number of microsystem applications is highlighted. The area is not covered by any other academic institution in Norway and HVE will play a key national role in this area. A new centre for interconnection and packaging of microsystems is built at Vestfold University College. The centre is located in the buildings of Micro-Tech Innovation (MTI) on the campus of Vestfold University College. The centre will be a key resource f or national education, research institutes and industry in the area of microsystem technology (MST) under the national “Norwegian Microsystem Center” (NMC) initiative. Clean rooms will be built and equipment will be transferred from local industry. It is asked for financing of additional new equipment in a separate proposal “R&D-equipment for a national Centre for Microsystem Packaging and Characterization (CEMIPACK)”. The result of the project will be new knowledge and technology for research, educational and industrial use. The knowledge will be used for further developing of international relations including the Europractice manufacturing service “MultiMEMS”. The lab oratories and knowledge will be made available for the national education of engineers (Bachelor and Master) at Vestfold University College, NTNU and UiO. The results will be used to broaden the European manufacturing Service “MultiMEMS”.

Funding scheme:

IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT