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Database Support for Computational Science Applications

Awarded: NOK 4.1 mill.

The proposal is for a research project within the eVita program for the Norwegian ICT sector, investigating issues in data management in Grid systems. So far, Grid computing as gained some maturity with respect to the actual computation. However, the mana gement of data in Grid systems is still a very immature area, and essentially based on file management. In order to facilitate reuse of data and decoupling of data and applications, Grid database systems are necessary. These systems need to be distribute d, decentralized, and support data interoperability. A possible approach to solve the challenge is a database system based on P2P technology and using an ontology-based metadata layer that provides seamless access to the heterogeneous sources in the dat a Grid. This project will develop the mechanisms for a grid database system and an ontology-based metadata layer. The feasibility of the approach will be demonstrated through a prototype implementation.

Funding scheme: