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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

High resolution imaging and beamforming

Awarded: NOK 6.2 mill.

This project aims at providing new knowledge in the field of imaging and beamforming for acoustic applications. The research shall be firmly established in real world data and thus based on measurements in the laboratory and on data from field experiments . The main contributing partner in the project is Kongsberg Maritime. Other partners are Squarehead Systems and Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (FFI ? Norwegian Defense Research Est.). The project will finance two PhD students and one Post Doc in addition to contributions to establishing an advanced laboratory for underwater acoustic measurements. This laboratory will also contribute to improved PhD and MSc student education which will benefit the companies in the project as well as the other Norwegian aco ustic companies

Funding scheme:

BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena