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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Thermally Managed Systems for Storage, Compression, and Supply of Hydrogen Gas

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

MH-compression is a safe and reliable method to compress hydrogen. The single most important component of such thermal machines is the MH-materials itself. Typical design parameters for any compressor systems are overall pressure gain and throughput capac ity, both of which in case of a MH-based system are mainly determined by the choice of metal hydride material and its properties. In order to meet the strict design criteria of a compressor operating at hydrogen stations, we intend to develop novel MH-ma terials featuring H-compression from a few bar up to 350 bar in a temperature range typically available from industrial processes (waste heat). Based on extensive material studies and up scaled synthesis procedures developed, novel MH-compression materi als will be produced by means of the recently acquired arc melter at IFE and processed according to nanotechnology routes for powder metallurgy and nanostructuring in order to obtain the properties needed for this type of application. The quality of the m aterials and the prototype MH-compressor to be developed during the course of this work will be extensively studied and verified by means of experimental data (XRD, incl. in situ SR XRD; in situ and ex situ PND; SEM; PCT; kinetics). The main outcomes of the project will be: (1) Development of novel MH-materials specially synthesized for compression purposes in a hydrogen station environment and modified by nanotechnology routes in order to work under these conditions. (2) Investigation of two alternati ve designs for MH-based hydrogen compressors intended for: (a) continuous compression and (b) step-wise compression. (3) Building of a prototype laboratory scale MH-compressor system and in addition make a design basis for a MH-compressor that can be ins talled in the new StatoilHydro Energy Park established at Herøya, Norway (currently two 5 kW wind turbines and two 1.5 kW solar tracking PV-arrays and a small 5 Nm3/h advanced alkaline electrolyser are installed).

Funding scheme:

ENERGIX-Stort program energi