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POLRES-Polarforskning POLRES

Physical-mechanical properties of sea ice and influence of ice cover on hydrology of Svalbard fjords

Awarded: NOK 0.90 mill.

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Project Period:

2010 - 2013

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The project is related to the development of network cooperation between Norwegian and Russian institutes in the field of sea ice research. The project contributes to the development of research infrastructure for the study of sea ice properties in the fi eld and laboratory conditions. We plan to study the dependence of sea ice strength on ice thickness, temperature and salinity, as well as on snow cover characteristics. The work will be carried out in Van Mijenfjorden and in Adventfjorden over three winte r seasons, when ice thickness varies from 30 cm to 1 m. Hydraulic jack fixed on specially designed rig will be used in flexural strength tests performed on floating beams sawn in floating sea ice according to existing standards. The results will be used f or the calculation of design loads on offshore constructions and for the elaboration of similarity criteria between laboratory experiments and natural scale. During the experiment we shall simultaneously measure temperature, salinity and density profiles in the sea ice and snow. Sea current velocities, water temperature, salinity and pressure will be measured with Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter and high frequency Seabird CTD-profilers. The data will be used to estimate river discharge into Van Mijenfjorden and sediment transport in a shallow and narrow region between Sveabukta and Braganzavågen. We plan to elaborate original methods for the calculation of ice properties based on the parameters of surface and internal waves propagating below the ice.

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POLRES-Polarforskning POLRES