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SAMF-Fagkomiteen for samfunnsvitenskap

Consortium of international market research, annual conference, May 26-29, 2010

Awarded: NOK 0.25 mill.

Project Number:


Project Period:

2010 - 2010


Subject Fields:

The project is principally to organize the CIMaR 2010 conference, with participants from about 25-30 countries. Invitations will be sent early Fall 2009, with subsequent follow-up rounds, paper submissions/reviews and carry out the conference in late May 2010. An integral part of the project is to publish the results from the best paper in Advances of international marketing, and possibly also some selected papers in Magma. For more details se project description and letter of invitation in attachment.

Funding scheme:

SAMF-Fagkomiteen for samfunnsvitenskap