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FMEINFRA-FME - utstyr/infrastruktur

CEER Solar. FME forskningsinfrastruktur.

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

The present project represents a significant upgrade of the solar cell research infrastructure at CEER laboratories at IFE, NTNU, SINTEF and UiO. Equipment for processing and characterizing a next generation of solar cells is purchased. Concretely, a phot oluminescence excitation spectroscopy unit, a spectral response unit and a spectrophotogoniometer for optical and electrical characterization of solar cells and solar cell materials and plating equipment and a plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition setup will be purchased. The total cost of the planned investments is 6 MNOK.

Funding scheme:

FMEINFRA-FME - utstyr/infrastruktur