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U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

Learning about Quality

Awarded: NOK 0.30 mill.

The proposed pre-project takes as point of departure that learning outcomes can be defined and understood in different ways. It is argued that multiple perspectives on how learning outcomes are interpreted could be enriching for Norwegian higher education - especially with respect to the on-going implementation of a national qualification framework, and for researching on the possible effects of the qualification framework on the sector. The project suggests therefore a twofold focus. Firstly, the project aims at identifying contemporary theoretical perspectives on student learning, discussing how these perspectives relate to underlying views and conceptions in the qualification framework. Secondly, the project aims at assessing existing macro- meso- and micro- data within higher education research and what these findings imply regarding learning and quality issues of the sector. Much of the data that addresses quality issues in Norwegian higher education is not analysed in a student learning context, a nd related research domains and empirical findings within higher education are kept separate. The project will outline these research domains and assess their findings to: - Provide a sound and more extended theoretical and empirical basis for understand ing changes in study programme organisation, curriculum management, and student learning and formation related to the introduction of the national qualification framework - Identify and discuss different perspectives on learning outcome areas and suggest potential ways in connecting these perspectives, not least with respect to the implementation of the qualification framework - Broaden our understanding of the relation between ?quality? learning, and formation and how this can be assessed and improved in Norwegian higher education

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U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018