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Justice in Conflict

Awarded: NOK 2.8 mill.

Justice in conflict is critically assessing some pressing contemporary conflicts concerning pluralism, democracy and justice from the perspective of political philosophy and normative theories of justice. The aim is to develop theoretical frameworks and c onceptual tools suited to address questions concerning justice within a national and global contexts. The main questions are: Global Justice, Religion and tolerance in the liberal state, the politics of recognition and the role of religious and cultura l argumentation in public deliberation and argumentation.

The aim of the "Justice in Conflict" project is to contribute to current debate on justice, religion, and tolerance from the perspective of normative political theory. These issues have been widely discussed in the literature in recent years, and substant ial progress has been made. However, there is no established consensus on the methodology regarding the principles, theories, or conceptual tools required to analyze contemporary situations causing justice conflicts. Moreover, even if consensus is achieve d on core principles (e.g., liberty, equality, opportunities), there could still be disagreement regarding the relative importance of the principles themselves, and how we should proceed to help ensure and protect the values that these principles entail. The "Justice in Conflict" project will (i) critically assess some of the main theories and approaches in the field of contemporary normative political philosophy, focusing on justice in a global context, religion in the liberal state, and tolerance and recognition in the public sphere; (ii) develop a framework, theoretical foundation, and conceptual tools; and (iii) use this theoretical framework to address some of the most pressing conflicts within a national and a global context. In addition, the proj ect will address gender issues relating to these dimensions. The project consists of the following three research areas: - Culture, deliberation, and tolerance - Global justice, human rights, and human capabilities - Gender, politics, and justice

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ISPHUM-ISP - Humaniora