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SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell

Multicultural Arctic Cities: Changing symbolism and new realities

Awarded: NOK 0.13 mill.

The aim of the project is to establish a new research network to promote cross-disciplinary understanding of the Arctic, and in particular the role of arctic cities. The network will arrange workshops and seminars with the aim of elaborating new approache s and perspectives on the arctic, and as an outcome of these meetings, a proposal for a collaborative and comparative research project aiming at studying arctic cities. Three different workshops/seminars will be arranged based on the following themes 1. Workshop March 2012: ?How is the Arctic perceived, and by whom? This workshop will focus on the main issues at play in the on-going discourses about the Arctic. The other aim is to broaden the network by inviting relevant scholars representing the most pr ominent research institutions in the field. Arranged by the University of Tromsø. (50.000) 2. Seminar November 2012: The distinctiveness of the Arctic city. The seminar will discuss issues related to: What are the characteristics of arctic cities? What theories might be appropriate to approach studies of arctic cities? Arranged by the University of Tromsø (50.000) 3. Workshop on developing a research project proposal (30.000)

Funding scheme:

SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell