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ISPNATTEK-ISP - naturvit. og teknologi

Recruitment, quality and balance.

Alternative title: Rekruttering, kvalitet og balanse.

Awarded: NOK 4.1 mill.

An international evaluation committee evaluated in 2012 the quality of research in mathematics and statistics at Norwegian universities. Some of the committee's concerns are addressed in this project. First, the Department of Mathematical Sciences at NTNU has employed a new staff member in the Analysis group; this represents a very important strategic move for a traditionally very strong and vivid research group which has had several retirements the past few years. Second, the Department has employed an excellent young, female staff member within the area of nonlinear partial differential equations; this represents a very important move in order to counter the reduction in the number of female permanent staff members due to retirements. The Research Council of Norway has provided financial support for the first two years of these two positions.

In this project we propose measures that will facilitate a successful generational shift within the mathematical sciences over the next decade. The main goal is to sustain and strengthen the quality of mathematical research in Norway by concrete recruitment actions. Exceptional research environments facing depletion will be strengthened, and concrete measures to improve gender balance will be pursued.

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ISPNATTEK-ISP - naturvit. og teknologi

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