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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Norwegian Open Research Data Infrastructure

Alternative title: Norsk åpen forskningsdata infrastruktur

Awarded: NOK 26.0 mill.

NORD-i will be designed to promote open and easy access to data resources from a variety of collecting systems and sources, be it the research community, the public statistical system or other public data collecting procedures and institutions. It will be open and accessible for Norwegian researchers across scientific domains and institutional affiliation, and open to cross-national use to the degree the legal regulations permit.

NORD-i - Norwegian Open Research Data Infrastructure The Norwegian government, alongside the European Commission and an increasing number of national governments and international organizations, have pronounced that open access to scientific results (publications and data) should be the default and research funders are taking steps towards an open access policy. The implementation and success of an open access policy rely on the existence of research infrastructures that support professional data management, including long-term preservation and enduring access to data. NORD-i will build on the existing Norwegian research infrastructure to develop a comprehensive system for easy data deposit, open access and data sharing to enhance scientific transparency and trust across scientific domains and to promote the use of the existing infrastructure and deposit service. The project will establish a new state-of- the- art e-infrastructure for research data, including user-friendly tools and web-interfaces for deposit, management and access to data. The new infrastructure represent a major upgrade and to some extent a replacement of NSD's current solutions for archival storage, long-term preservation and dissemination of research data. The main objective of the upgraded infrastructure is to improve the ability and possibilities of researchers to manage, deposit, gain access to and use research data in an efficient, transparent, secure and cost-effective way and thereby build their trust and willingness to deposit and share research data. Furthermore, it is to offer research institutions an interactive, user-friendly, cost-effective, professional and trusted data storage and data management system. Moreover, the upgraded infrastructure will increase the ability to deliver efficient and much needed services at the crossroad between data producers, data users and financing authorities and facilitate high quality research in a national and international context.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt