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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø

International workshop on model full scale correlation of test with fishing gear

Awarded: NOK 0.15 mill.

The objective of the Project is to arrange a workshop for researchers who are involved in model scale tests With Fishing gear and the utilisation of results from model scale test to estimate the performance of prototype Fishing gear. The workshop took Place in August in the Premises of SINTEF Ocean in the North Sea Research center in Hirtshals Denmark. Researchers from SINTEF (NORWAY), IFREMER (FRANCE), SEAFISH (UK) and Marine Institute (CANADA) participated in the workshop. The participants presented their institutes with a particular focus on the Research in the area of model scale tests. Problems encountered by the participants were enlighted by tests in the flume tank and possible means to overcome these problems were discussed in a session in the flume tank area. A number of ideas suitable for future Collaboration Projects were discussed in a Meeting held the second day of the workshop.

A group of three European fisheries research institutes (SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, IFREMER and Seafish) will work together on the topic of scaling of trawls and other net structures and fishing gear for model-scale experiments, and on the relations between model-scale results and full-scale values and performance. We will arrange a workshop with the aim of initiating a collaboration between major international fisheries flume tank operators (Australia, Canada, Denmark/Norway, France, UK, Russia), in order to establish a scientific and technical forum in this field. Such a forum can serve to exchange knowledge and methods, establish test- and scaling standards, and ensure and strengthen the scientific basis for tank testing and the quality of predictions and advice for full-scale gear. Additionally, we want to build a consortium for a planned grant application to national research programme and/or the Horizon 2020 EU research programme. A short report with the conclusions will be made during the workshop.

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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø