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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

PES for H2020 SME-1 Feasibility study - from wet waste to pure energy

Awarded: NOK 49,999

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2018 - 2018

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Waister is developing drying technology to transform wet waste into reusable products - from wet waste to value. The dryers are based on an innovative combination of mechanical fluidization and leading-edge superheated steam (SHS), creating compact and highly efficient units to efficiently extract the liquid from all types of waste. The main objective of a future H2020 SME Instrument phase 1 project is to deliver a Feasibility Study to underpin the development and commercialization of Waister's patented technology - currently assessed to be at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 with a prototype demonstrated in a relevant environment. Our goal is also to formulate a high-potential innovation project with a global growth-oriented strategy. Waister's technology caters to all kinds of wet waste, including food waste from HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering) businesses, spent grain/beer mesh from beer breweries, and fish sludge residuals from land-based fish farming (operators of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and smolt producers). The Feasibility Study will summarize tasks and activities related to risk assessment, market study, user involvement, Intellectual Property (IP) management, innovation strategy development, partner search and feasibility of concept. In addition, work during phase 1 is expected to significantly increase our ability to successfully address the H2020 SME Instrument phase 2 program during 2019.

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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020