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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Common Language Resources Infrastructure Norway Upgrade

Alternative title: Nasjonal infrastruktur for språkressurser, oppgradering

Awarded: NOK 12.6 mill.

Researchers in language and the humanities produce a lot of data, such as digital dictionaries, text corpora, speech and video recordings, literary and historical archives and experimental data - everything to do with language. These data should not be put in a drawer but should be made available to other researchers and students. CLARINO is a national infrastructure which makes these data available through advanced tools and online services. It supports research across borders in cooperation with 25 countries. The present project CLARINO+ is upgrading this infrastructure so that it can offer better data, tools and services. The project is making the infrastructure better known among potential users and is organizing user support and training. In 2020 and 2021, the infrastructure was upgraded with new and more powerful computer systems. The data centers were recertified and got a new appearance. The data collections have been extended with ELMCIP KB about electronic literature and WAB about Wittgenstein's writings. More texts have been added to Menota, an archive of Middle Age texts. The Term Portal has a new and better website with more termbases. CLARINO+ also made a substantial effort to make the infrastructure more widely known through courses, seminars, blogs and publications. In 2022 data was added and tools for corpus search and metadata management were upgraded. The upgraded infrastructure is in active use in many research projects, including three large lexicographic projects in Norway. The work on upgrading data and metadata, improvement of user interfaces and more user training activities continues in 2023.

Norway is a member of the CLARIN ERIC, the European infrastructure for language resources and technology. The national CLARINO infrastructure, which is on the Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2018, is Norway's in-kind contribution to the ERIC. CLARINO operates four Norwegian nodes in the CLARIN distributed architecture. Through national and international cooperation, CLARINO make language resources findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) for researchers, students and others. Norwegian membership in the CLARIN ERIC implies obligations towards maintaining the Norwegian nodes as well as continued participation in central CLARIN ERIC activities. The current CLARINO+ proposal therefore intends to upgrade CLARINO and bring it up to date with recent developments in technology, standards, available data and user needs. The project will adopt new international technological standards and methods, such as CMDI 1.2 and FCS 2.0, and increase its processing capacity. The project will also reposition the infrastructure with respect to user groups, newly available data and related service providers in Norway. CLARINO+ will, in cooperation with the CLARIN ERIC, implement updated strategies for interoperability, uptake, governance and sustainability. Important collections and updated resources will be integrated into the infrastructure. Metadata services will be consolidated, improved tools will unlock the data for R&D, and new interfaces will bring CLARINO services within easier reach of existing and new target groups in the Humanities and other research areas using language data. Optimal use of the renewed infrastructure will be promoted by uptake actions including dissemination, user involvement and training.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt