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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

National Microdata Platform for Norwegian and International Research and Analysis

Alternative title: Nasjonal mikrodata plattform for norsk og internasjonal forskning og analyse

Awarded: NOK 42.3 mill.

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2020 - 2026


What if researchers, students and public administration could have instant, online access to thousands of microdata variables without prior application? What if they could easily share their work and output? What if microdata owners had a trusted platform where they could disseminate microdata to be analyzed on the same conditions? What if international users easily could access Norwegian microdata? With the launch of in spring 2018, Norwegian researchers got instant, online, and self serviced access to a core set of microdata variables from Statistics Norway (SSB) without further application through an output disclosure interface. Using the platform researchers are free to merge and analyze data at choice, and to share their work and output, so that e.g. peer reviewers may reproduce the results. The current version of is continuously improved. The Microdata 2.0-project set up by SSB, project partner Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD), and pilot partner Cancer Registry of Norway (CRN) will develop further to become a widely used platform for immediate acces to Norwegian Register Data for national and international research, analysis and education. The Microdata 2.0-project has contributed to ? Nearly double the database content ? Update data to the latest available observations thanks to a ? New, tailormade versioning system allowing for continuous updates and corrections without influencing earlier results ? Further data manipulation and analytical capabilities The project goals: ? Increase data content by a factor of 10-50 (volume and number of variables) ? Provide access to data from multiple data owners, e.g. educational data from NSD and cancer data from CRN ? Data export integrated with traditional application process for access to microdata ? Researchers will be able to upload and link their own data with microdata on the platform ? Internationalisation (login for international users, multilingual user interface) ? Further lifting the platform to FAIR- and EOSC-compliance In addition, the microdata 2.0-project will continuously provide new analytical functions. An important principle in access to data from different register owners is to provide for distributed data storage where data is stored and controlled by the owners but accessed from Thus, a critical part of the upgrade are tools to support third party curation of data and metadata according to structures in

Microdata 2.0 will be a Norwegian microdata platform for national and international research, analysis and higher education. The infrastructure will be the next level of the research service, realizing the potential of the RAIRD-technology. The main upgrades are - to widen the scope of SN data from the present 124 variables to some 1200-1500 variables, chosen in co-operation with the users - to use as a dissemination platform for NSD microdata and survey data - to develop to an infrastructure that any data owner, both register and researchers, may utilize to make their data accessible for research use In addition, the next generation of will be facilitated to serve new groups like international researchers, public administration, and the business sector. The project also includes new analytical functions, and will support a digital access dialogue to indirectly identifiable data that need formal approvals. is based on technology developed by Statistics Norway (SN) and NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data in the RAIRD project. RAIRD focused on technological development of metadata driven data access and automated confidentiality control, both international novelties in micro data access systems. A critical part of the extension is to further generalize confidentiality methods, curate data and metadata according to models developed in RAIRD. For MIC2 to utilize them, they must be curated and enriched according to research demands. Tools to support this process will be released as part of the project. aims at a significant increase in research use of register data. During the first six months of service 174 researchers from 21 institutions connected to the platform.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt