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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

NORCE, IFE, NIVA, og NORSAR strategisk samarbeid for SET Plan support gjennom EERA CCS, 2019-2021

Alternative title: Strategic collaboration between NORCE, IFE, NIVA, NORSAR in Norwegian and European Arena for SET Plan CCS Implementation

Awarded: NOK 1.0 mill.

The main objectives of the NORCCS Alliance are: - Play a significant role in the strategic processes in European CCS arena to ensure successful implementation of SET Plan for CCS. - Active collaboration with national and international players for increasing technology maturity, public education and social awareness of CCS in Europe and in Norway through joint activities with other national organizations, such as NCCS, Gassnova, Tekna, the newly established Norsk Forening for CO2 Handtering. In 2021, we have participated a number of national and international meetings, conferences, webinars and working group activities organised by NORCE, IFE, EERA-CCS, CO2GeoNet and other European academic CCUS networks. NORCCS members (except NORSAR) are active members of EERA-JP-CCS contributing to its activities including planning and participating webinars, participating in CCS knowledge dissemination through building the EERA-CCS website, social media posts and materials, etc. Facilitated by EERA JP CCS, NORCE headed a HE CCUS application ? RealCCS. Although the application is not awarded (2021), NORCE has stablished a strong position through 4 preparation seminars with participation from a large number of EERA members. In 2021, NORCE has been invited to 2 other HE proposals, in addition to a ACT3 proposal coordinated by NORCE. IFE has successfully built a ACT3 project and participated in HE project development with its strengthened position within CCS. IFE has also extended its research infrastructure from 1 to 3 I 2021. NORCCS members are all active members of CO2GeoNet, with NORCE as chairman of the Executive committee. A new perspective document was prepared and published in the CO2GeoNet website in 2021 with NORCCS contribution. CO2GeoNet organised panel discussions and posters at COP26 as side events (digital due to COVID-19, in contract with the earlier similar events physically). Well recognised researchers in NORCCS have been actively involved in CCUS dissemination by organising and participating in national international seminars (webinars) with presentations, participating in reviewing and contributing to SET Plan implementation plan documents and HE research program planning documents.

The NORCCS members have established their positions as important and competent CCUS contributors a number of national and international arenas. These positions lead to involvement in review and contribution to important policy and perspective guiding documents such as HE program, SET Plan documents, etc. NORCE and IFE have organised national CCS seminars with national and local stakeholder to improve public acceptance. Also researchers from NORCCS are visible in social media for dissemination of CCUS knowledge and progress.

Specific activities within the project period are: - Establish close link with the EU office through the UiB’s office in Brussels (where NORCE has its office space), and organise at least 1 joint activity per year to support SET plan implementations. -Stre ngthen the collaboration with CO2GeoNet and EERA CCS JP with at least 1 joint activity per year to support SET plan implementations. - Facilitate communication and information leverage between the NORCCS partners and make strong cross-institutional expert teams for CCS research and exercise strong influence on EU CCS R&D programs, national and international CCS legal and ISO framework. - Play an active partner role with NCCS head by SINTEF to form an even stronger Norwegian national team in the international arena. - Review and issue important position documents and work programs with our joint competence for relevant organizations and initiatives.Facilitate the NORCCS members to participate joint H2020 project preparations, embarked, for example, by EERA CCS JP group or CO2GeoNet. - Full membership for IFE at EERA CCS JP and CO2GeoNet. - Promote experts in NORCCS Alliance to leading roles and positions in EU CCUS arena to achieve higher impact - Ensure alignment and efficient use of research funding in Norway, EU funding schemes and national CCS programs in other European countries including ERA-cofund and ERA-ACT.

Funding scheme:

CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering