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STIPINST-Stipendiatstillinger i instituttsektoren

Stipendiatstilling 16 SINTEF (2021-2023)

Awarded: NOK 4.3 mill.

This interdisciplinary PhD-project addresses how digitalization can contribute to increased sustainability in the construction of Norwegian infrastructure. The work will give insights on how digitalization can contribute to growth, green shift, increased security, better decisions, and effective use of resources in this sector. The motivation is to bridge knowledge and empirical gaps when it comes to the implementation of digital technologies within the construction of road infrastructure and sustainability aspects. The main objective of this thesis is to develop a digitalization framework for improved sustainability assessment in Norwegian infrastructure. Expected outcomes of research is the development of experience-based methodology (principals) for identification and digital collection and processing of data for decision support in choices that will lead to increased sustainability. Expected outcomes to the business sector is the development of a framework for an operative method or guidelines for experience-based methodology for identification, digital collection and processing of data related to increased sustainability.

Funding scheme:

STIPINST-Stipendiatstillinger i instituttsektoren