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TRUSTMAKING: Young creators and responsibilities for the new green transition

Awarded: NOK 49,999

Trust-making is an innovative model to enhance trust via and through developing urban infrastructure. This project proposal enhances established Placemaking practices and aims at fostering confidence of youth to co-create urban spaces through creatively working in and with green infrastructures in four European cities. Establishing a trustful basis is key for well-informed, intergenerational and cross-sector collaboration with city governments, entrepreneurs and CSOs in the course of urban transformation processes. Strategies for trust-building encourage to empower the most needed level of competence, therefore, the project explores the relationship between trust-creating principles and urban spaces to reveal the best framework for liveable and inclusive neighbourhoods. The goals of the project are (1) to initiate Urban Living Labs at four different urban sites in Austria, Lithuania, Norway, and The Netherlands, with a focus on youth integration, where (2) existing and new tools for youth co-creation of green infrastructure are identified and developed, and (3) cross-section collaboration mechanisms through summer/winter schools are designed, in order to (4) develop guidelines of youth co-design and access of green infrastructures to increase capacities in public service ?for integrating youth’ perspectives and their abilities to bridge short-term concerns and long-term objectives in urban transformation processes.