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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

REsearch MObility on attitudes Towards Electric vehicles

Awarded: NOK 0.11 mill.

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2021 - 2022

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The project is initiated by a research group consisting of Norwegian (Nord University) and Italian (University of Trieste) participants. Previously, a representative from the research group at Nord University Business School (HHN) has visited Italy and presented a paper on Norwegian EV policy at the Italian Society for Transport Economics and Logistics (SIET). The objective of this mobility project is to make a return visit from the Italian research group to Nord University with special focus on developing an academic research paper with a comparative focus between the two countries. A study has been designed to target a representative group of car owners in Italy and Norway in order to reveal attitudes towards electric vehicles' ownership. The study has two parts. The special contribution of the first part is the use of discrete choice modelling framework to analyze car buyers' revealed and stated preference choices. The estimated logit model will allow us to shed light on consumers' preference structure and to identify both common features and preference differences among Italian and Norwegian respondents. This data set enable us to reveal policy implications on which factors being most important for succeeding in electrifying road transport and compare between countries. The second part is grounded on an extended version of the framework of theory of planned behaviour (TPB) and adopts a hybrid choice modelling approach to explore the role played by attitudes, perception and beliefs in shaping car choice, identifying their socio-economic determinants and country-specificities. The GDPR considerations are taken care of by an approval by NSD and the use of the software Nettskjema at Nord University by the licence agreement with University of Oslo. External researchers are not allowed access to this software when outside of Norwegian institutions and it will be a great benefit to the project to invite the researcher to Norway.

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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima