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Capture is a digital plattform that connects and incentivises all stakeholders in the recyling chain and revolutionises the way we recycle.

Awarded: NOK 74,999

With the capture project we aim for: 1: Making it easier and more attractive for waste creators to separate waste, especially outside the home to improve rule adherence 2: Helping waste creators to access higher-value waste, especially in countries with less developed recycling infrastructure, reducing the burden of tackling difficult waste 3: Ensuring traceability of waste, removing barriers to manufacturers increasing use of recyclables and enabling brand to implement a true circular economy 4: Providing a mechanism to redistribute the value created within the circular economy, ensuring everyone who contributes is rewarded. Our project has been organised in several work packages where the development of our plattform (both hardware and software) will be launched in a roll out plan with our partners to demonstrate the technology in Norway, Middle East and Africa.