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Research school in Nutrition

Alternative title: Forskerskole i ernæring NutriNOR

Awarded: NOK 16.0 mill.

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2022 - 2030

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NutriNOR is a national research school for PhD students in nutrition, funded by RCN, hosted by the University of Bergen, and involving all institutions offering PhD programs in nutrition in Norway. NutriNOR is aiming to bridge the gap between the skills currently valued by the academic institutions, and the skills that are more highly sought by employers after completing the PhD, also outside academia. This will be achieved by creating a common platform for young-career researchers representing different subdisciplines within nutrition research. Through collaboration with key stakeholders and potential employers, such as the public sector and industry, NutriNOR adds a professional aspect to the PhD education, preparing the candidates for their future careers. The main activities of NutriNOR are organized as an academic and a professional pillar. The academic pillar will include an annual summer school, scientific courses organized by the academic partners, and a conference organized by and for the PhD candidates. NutriNOR collaborates also with other research schools in the Netherlands and Germany, offering possibilities for international exchange and networking. In the professional pillar, NutriNOR facilitates a mentorship program, where the candidates receive professional coaching from senior members of the partner organizations, and an internship program, offering the opportunity to work on short-term projects organized by potential future employers. In addition, as part of the professional pillar, courses on skills such as project management, communication, and leadership will be organized. By these measures, NutriNOR will establish a platform for future leaders in nutrition in Norway and facilitate the career prospects of PhD students in nutrition.

NutriNOR is a research school in nutrition in Norway, hosted by the University of Bergen, that includes all universities that are engaged in higher education in nutrition or food science and educating PhD candidates (UiO, UiT, UiA, NTNU, NMBU, OsloMet, HVL, NIH), and major stakeholders from food industry (Orkla, Mills), nutrition organizations (KEFF, NSE, NSKE), food information councils (,, governmental bodies (Bergen kommune), research institutions (IMR), and international research schools (Germany, the Netherlands). In total, NutriNOR has received commitments from more than 20 partner organisations from Norway and abroad. The overall aim is to enhance and increase the quality of research education and the scientific and professional training of the PhD candidates. This aim will be reached by activities organized in an academic pillar that includes an annual summer school, an annual PhD conference, and nutrition-centered courses, and in a professional pillar that includes a mentor program, the opportunity for internships of 3 months duration, and courses focusing on leadership, communication strategies, innovation, and project management. Two of the partner organisations have extensive experience in course development within the topics of the professional pillar (AFF, Leaderscope). NutriNOR will collaborate with relevant research schools in the Netherlands and Germany. The research school will be governed by a scientific director (located at UiB), a board with representatives of the partners and the PhD candidates, and a scientific coordinator. All activities within NutriNOR will undergo a thorough evaluation and continuous improvement. NutriNOR will be visible by an internal and an external communication strategy addressing the need for nutrition competence in society, the contribution made by NutriNOR partners, and by educating future leaders in nutrition.

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