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Veikart for regional replikering i europeiske energisystemer

Awarded: NOK 69,999

Project Number:


Project Period:

2021 - 2022



Ambitious Green Deal targets need to be reached for a sustainable transition to a climate neutral Europe. The decarbonisation of the energy sector is a crucial part of this effort. Furthermore, resilient energy systems are needed to adequately meet new challenges caused by increasingly extreme and abnormal weather conditions. An integrated energy system which leverages flexibility across different coupled sectors has the potential to help the European reach its environmental policy targets while providing energy end-users with sustainable comfort and functionality in the face of volatile climate conditions. While it holds the promise of many potential benefits, the integration of different energy sectors, such as electricity, heat, and gas (e.g., hydrogen and methane) is a complex puzzle that integrates several elements of the value chain of each of these sectors. Each energy sector has its own elements of generation, transport, conversion, storage, consumption, and financial exchange. Furthermore each of these elements is subject to its own regulatory context. n order to enable the integration of the different energy sector elements and demonstrate the benefits of flexible multi energy systems, we will develop a framework that enables integrated management of energy infrastructure across multiple energy carriers. This concept will be built around central data hub that enables interoperable communication with the management systems specific to different sector infrastructure. This information exchange will permit enhanced functionality of existing management systems as well as interaction with innovative tools to unlock the value in energy sector coupling. This framework will be developed and deployed on multi-energy systems in 2-3 pilot sites in EU Member States and Associated countries. The project consortium will consist of a multi-disciplinary group of leading domain experts and stakeholders from society, business, and industry.

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