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polar ice loss and sea level change

Awarded: NOK 0.24 mill.

We here ask support for a visiting researcher grant for Dr. Natalya Gomez, McGill University, Canada for a 6 month stay at the University of Bergen, Dep. of Earth Science and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. Dr. Gomez is a Canada Research Chair in Ice Sheet - Sea Level Interactions and an international leader at the forefront in the field of climate research with a focus on sea level physics, ice sheet dynamics, and climate change. The purpose of the visit is for Dr. Gomez to apply her state-of-the-art tools and expertise in collaboration with researchers across a wide range of disciplines to build capacity in state-of-the-art sea level modeling and projections in Norway and contribute to a number of UiB based projects, including an ERC SyG project ice2ice lead by Prof. Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu and colleauges at UiB, KU and DMI, the Bjerknes Center lead H2020 funded project TIPACCS - Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components, the DIKU project ACER - Advanced Climate Education and Research, the NFR funded KeyClim project and the activities of the sea level research group at the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research. A half-year research stay in Norway will allow for extensive discussion and interaction and time to foster new collaborations and contribute to building national capacity in state-of-the-art sea level modeling and projections.

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