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Implementation of pretreatment unit in Norwegian industrial manganese alloy production

Alternative title: Realisering av forbehandling av råvarer i en separat enhet i industriell manganproduksjon i Norge

Awarded: NOK 0.80 mill.

Manganese alloys are an important constituent in steel which is important for our daily life. Production of manganese alloys require electrical energy and produces CO2 emissions. These can be reduced by drying, heating and removal of oxygen from the raw materials before they are introduced to the furnace where Mn-alloys are produced. In the EU Horizon 2020 project PreMa (grant 820561) technology for such pretreatment of manganese sources will be developed and demonstrated. The pretreatment will be done by sustainable energy sources as thermal solar, biocarbon and CO-rich off-gas. For the Norwegian Mn-alloy producers, CO- rich off-gas from the Mn-alloy production is the preferred energy source. PreMaImNo will create a close cooperation between PreMa and personnel at the different Norwegian Mn production sites of Eramet. Location for the first pretreatment unit as well as its environmental footprint and requirements from and impact on plant and society around the site will be identified through this cooperation.

PreMaImNo will support the implementation of pretreatment of Mn-ores with CO-gas at Norwegian Mn-alloy plants. Eramet Norway's three plants located in Sauda, Kvinesdal and Porsgrunn will be assessed and a prioritised recommendation of which of the plants that should be first in line for implementation will be prepared. The production sites produce different products, varying amounts and operate at different modes. The varying production relations at the three sites implies that the conditions for the pretreatment unit will vary (such raw material mixture and off-gas composition), and as such, implementation of a unit will provide different effects at each of the sites. Workshops will be held at each of the three plants. An evaluation of environmental impact will be performed through process analysis and LCA using the tools developed in H2020 PreMa project. Plant specific requirements as well as requirements and impact of CCU and CCS will be included in the evaluation. The work will be disseminated to the employees, and local community and authorities. Close coorperation and dissemination is strongly weighted in the project work.

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