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nordicSUiTE: Powerful MR image analysis tools that simplify neuroradiology workflows without compromising diagnostic precision and accuracy.

Awarded: NOK 74,999

NordicImagingLab (NIL) is a Norwegian SME founded in 2020 to become a leader in MR image analysis concerning brain tumour detection and diagnostics in Europe. Currently, neuroradiologists are overwhelmed by the amount of medical data generated through MRI to detect and diagnose brain tumours and assess the success of treatment. Manual analysis is inefficient and inaccurate and current niche analysis software programs are mostly incompatible with hospital infrastructure. NILs nordicSUiTE integrates all necessary tools for brain tumour MRI analysis in one centralized program, consisting of nordicMEDiVA, proprietary image-analysis modules, and nordicViEW. nordicSUiTE supports radiologists by making MRI-analysis of brain tumours more accurate, consistent, standardized, and cost-effective. EIC funding will allow us to turn nordicSUiTE into a market-ready product with improved features to accelerate its market uptake in the EU and beyond. Current brain MR image analysis software products are hard to integrate into clinical research and hospital workflow because they are niche products that lack interoperability with the hospital's digital infrastructure. nordicSUiTE is the first centralized platform for medical imaging that can provide MRI-based diagnostic decision support for brain tumours. nordicSUiTE facilitates the workflow of MR image analysis for clinical researchers and neuroradiologists. NIL has developed several proprietary analysis modules (e.g. DSC/DCE Perfusion) that are capable of accurate and fast analysis of brain tumour MRI. NIL also offers a service to researchers who require specialized modules to either install a 3rd-party module into nordicSUiTE or code a module themselves using the Python and C++ APIs (application programming interface). Results of all analyses are shown on nordicViEW, the web-based viewer that offers flexible architecture based on the concept of widgets.

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