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Awarded: NOK 74,999

Podbike AS is on a mission to redefine urban mobility and make cycling attractive for more people every day and in any weather. We are actively contributing to address the problems cities are facing - as the majority of cities today are built to favor cars and therefore suffering from polluted air, congestion, noise, accidents, loss of public spaces and inactivity, problems that will be accelerating going forward. In Europe, over 50% of car journeys are shorter than 5km. We have developed and will bring to the market a groundbreaking electrically assisted velomobile platform (Podbase), which is designed for mass utilization. Our first product Podbike® Frikar® is a sustainable, safe, and healthy alternative to cars for short distance journeys -an electrically assisted four-wheel pedal cycle (e-bike) that combines the usability of an e-bike with the full weather protection of a (e)car. Our technology platform is designed for scalability and is ideal for developing other vehicles/ models in the future. FRIKAR® is designed for sustainability with a focus on using recyclable materials but also through the entire value chain. The main barriers for Podbike AS going forward, are related to sufficient funding, production scale-up, market awareness/ acceptance, and securing commercialization partners. Podbike AS will lead the project which will focus on the optimization of the product and the assembly processes along with market launch and commercialization of our first product. The EIC Accelerator program provides an unique opportunity for Podbike AS to showcase the potential of its technology and ensuring a successful entrance to the market. The EU grant will provide funding to complete the development, market research, pilot production, prepare our Engineering, Sales and Marketing organization as well as build the business infrastructure and partner network for future growth.

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