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Awarded: NOK 49,999

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Project Period:

2023 - 2023



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This project will achieve the aforesaid objectives through a deep analysis of the current situation, followed by a co-creation process together with both responsible and affected stakeholders, in order to define the main challenges and barriers and jointly propose a path to solve them. In this co-creation process we intend to define a set of indicators, based on the stakeholders’ expertise, that will be tested in real-life experiments to be performed through to the realization of living labs in both educational centres and different labour sectors. The key points we intend to measure in these living labs are, on the one hand and regarding schools and high schools, the level of soft, digital and green skills in 10-, 14- and 16-years old students and the main barriers teachers find when working on these skills, which have been identified as part of the skills shortage issue. On the other hand, the living labs will permit us to ascertain the challenges faced by workers, employers, human resources departments, etc., when dealing with the current work market, both in terms of skills and labour shortages. Both the students- and workforce-focused case studies will enable the project consortium to obtain more data and to test the indicators requested by the EC. Finally, this project will analyse and compile all the obtained information to provide the EC with all required outcomes and impacts. WP1:Project Management & Ethics WP2:Collection of data and analyse the current European situation in terms of skills and labour shortage WP3:Building a stakeholders network and co-create a set of potential indicators to be tested in the case studies WP4:Performance of living labs in the whole value chain of skills learning and application WP5:Identification of the key challenges and the solutions’ applicability of the aforementioned problems WP6:Transforming collected and analysed information into applicable results WP7:Communication, Disseminations and Exploitation

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