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Liberal Peace and the Ethics of Peacebuilding Towards the integration of ethics in peacebuilding research

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

An increasing amount of research is being done on the means of peacebuilding, but there is a lack of research and debate on its aims. This is unfortunate not only from a scholarly, but also from a political point of view. In recent years critique has been directed towards the political premises of peacebuilding operations. This critique centres on questions of power, culture and gender that complicate the picture of peacebuilding as a discrete activity of pure altruism. The persistence of these questions reveals a set of ethical issues that are reducible neither to the practice of peace operations nor to their legality. It is the aim of the proposed project to chart and clarify these ethical dimensions as a basis for the theory and practice of peacebuildi ng. The aim of this project is to generate such a process by establishing a conceptual, empirical and practical basis for debating the ethical dimensions of international peacebuilding interventions. This will be done over three years through three phases , hallmarked by three workshops. The phases are: 1) conceptual investigations of the ethics of peacebuilding; 2) Case-studies focusing on ethical dimensions of current missions; 3) the establishment of an ethical framework for peacebuilding policy, with c oncrete policy-recommendations. Throughout this process, an international network on peacebuilding ethics will be created, including relevant researchers, politicians, practitioners, consultants, and bureaucrats.


NORGLOBAL-Norge - Global partner