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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek

Innovative technology development for tumor stem cell marker identification.

Awarded: NOK 6.4 mill.

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2010 - 2013


Nano-flow separation columns, based on either monolithic polymer filled columns (15-50 micrometer i.d.), or porous layer open tubes (10 micrometer i.d.), will be developed and used in multi-dimensional LC methods for identification of new protein biomarke rs, by comparing adult neural and tumor (glioma) stem cells. Structure elucidation will be performed by mass spectrometry. Ultra miniaturization is needed for aiming at analysis of samples containing as little as 100-1000 cells, as compared to conventiona l methods requiring millions of cells. Following identification of a marker, a more selective method, i.e. a target method, can be developed for quantitation of the marker protein(s) in various tumor cells.

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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek