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Central banks and international law

The two day seminar and the subsequent publication of papers in a special edition jounral of European business law review, forms part of the project funded by Finansmarkedsfondet “Central banks expanding role in financial markets” 315503. More specifically it is part of the implementation of the ...

Tildelt: kr 80 000

Prosjektperiode: 2022-2023

Sted: Oslo


Central banks expanding role in financial markets

Dei siste to tiåra har sentralbankar fått ei større rolle i samband med handtering av økonomiske kriser. Denne tendensen har ein særleg sett i etterkant av utbrottet av den globale finanskrisa i 2007 og igjen i samband med covid-19- pandemien. I samband med desse krisene har for eksempel sentralb...

Tildelt: kr 3,7 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2021-2025

Sted: Oslo


Finance, Ethics and Society. Reflections in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis


Tildelt: kr 25 000

Prosjektperiode: 2015-2015

Sted: Oslo


the new European financial market supervisory architecture

The topic and purpose of the project is a legal in-depth analysis of (1) selected institutional aspects of the new European financial market supervisory architecture and (2) with a view to its suitability to cope with the challenges of financial markets. Focus will be on whether and to what exte...

Tildelt: kr 30 000

Prosjektperiode: 2014-2015

Sted: Oslo


Investment treaties of the European Union - Luca Pantaleo - Italy

This research project is aimed at examining the development of EU's investment relations with third countries in light of the innovations introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon. There is a number of economic international agreements currently under negotiatio n between the European Union on the hand,...

Tildelt: kr 0,34 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2013-2016

Sted: Oslo


The European regulatory and supervisory regime for credit rating agencies - a critical assessment of selected aspects

The topic and purpose of the project is an in-depth legal analysis of (1) selected aspects of the European regulatory and supervisory regime for credit rating agencies (CRAs) and (2) the fundamental regulatory approach to the use of credit ratings in the European Union (Union). Focus will be on ...

Tildelt: kr 50 000

Prosjektperiode: 2012-2013

Sted: Ukjent Fylke


Internasjonal finansmarkedsregulering, institusjoner og effektivitet

Finansmarkedsprosjektet har tatt for seg finanskrise og regulering i forskning, formidling og i universitetets undervisning. Finanskrisen fra 2008 førte til en ny finansiell arkitektur. Det var lite kunnskap om hvordan nye institusjoner, regelutvikling og håndhevelse virker sammen ved håndteri...

Tildelt: kr 4,4 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2011-2017

Sted: Oslo