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SIP-LMD-SIP finansiert av Landbruksog matdepartementet

Organic cropping systems for higher and more stable cereal yields

'Organic cropping systems for higher and more stable cereal yields' is a 5- year Strategic Institute Programme from Norwegian Research Council, "Bioproduksjon og foredling" led by The Norwegian Crop Research Institute (Planteforsk) in the cooperation wi th The Agricultural University of Norway,...

Tildelt: kr 13,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2003-2008

Sted: Viken

SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Development of a co-ordinated research programme into food allergen identification, quantification, modification and in vivo responses

There are increasing concerns in the area of food allergy. More specific knowledge is needed with regard to foods and components of food that induce allergic reactions and the mechanisms that explain how these reactions are generated and sustained. This p rogramme will therefore establish an anim...

Tildelt: kr 11,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2003-2008

Sted: Viken

SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Roles of vitamins in bone development and mineral metabolism

Bone disorders are recurrently observed with high frequencies in intensive farming of salmonids, as also observed in other husbandry. Nutrition, water temperature and fast growth have been identified or suspected as risk factors. For the production of salmonids both the feed composition and fe...

Tildelt: kr 9,5 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2003-2008

Sted: Vestland

SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Diagnosis of parasitic diseases and zoonoses in terrestrial animals and fish, utilizing polymerase chain reaction and conventional methods

Project summaryIn order to increase competance and establish conventonal and molecular biological methods for diagnosis of parasitis disease in farmed and wild animals, including fish, a strategic program is planned. The Molecular Biology Unit at NVI, whi ch is close to being operative, builds a ...

Tildelt: kr 18,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2002-2007

Sted: Viken

SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Future animal breeding goals. Product development in aquaculture and livestock productions

Definition of sound animal breeding goals requires a strong theoretical basis in quantitative genetics and applied animal breeding, proper medelling of animal production, good knowledge about farm economics, awareness of social aspects, and appropriate as sumptions on future production systems an...

Tildelt: kr 9,6 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2001-2008

Sted: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Bygder mellom ruralt og urbant - et helhetlig perspektiv på endringsprosesser

Det strategiske instituttprogrammet setter søkelyset på sosiale og kulturelle endringsprosesser i bygdene og forholdet mellom bygder og samfunnet for øvrig med mål om å bidra med ny teoretisk og metodisk innsikt i hva som kjennetegner norske bygder på 200 0-tallet. Globaliseri...

Tildelt: kr 9,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2001-2007

Sted: Trøndelag - Trööndelage