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H20-ENV-Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

Pan-Arctic observing System of Systems: Implementing Observations for societal Needs

Tildelt: kr 43,0 mill.

Arctic PASSION will address the urgent need for coordinated and accessible Earth observation and information services for the Arctic region. Despite significant international effort in the past, elements of the current pan-Arctic observing network still remain fragmented, disconnected, or have other critical shortcomings. Our aim is to overcome these shortcomings and to advance towards a fully integrated pan-Arctic Observing System of Systems (pan-AOSS). Working under the SAON framework and in partnership with rights-and stakeholders, Arctic PASSION will strengthen international scientific observations, community-based monitoring, and Indigenous knowledge and local knowledge within an observing system. We will co-create an innovative pan-AOSS that truly represents the diverse range of needs of the different user-groups and decision makers. The resultant pan-AOSS will provide its users with unrestricted access to the latest-available Arctic observations, including better access to Copernicus Arctic products. It will empower Arctic communities, policy makers and industries to make knowledge-based decisions. These will benefit society and support the adaptation and sustainability of the objectives of the UNFCCC, the IPCC and associated protocols. Arctic PASSION will also fill critical gaps in observations and improve the archiving, handling and interoperability of Arctic data systems. It will use these improvements to develop and implement eight new EuroGEO Pilot Services that will support emergency preparedness, food security, and responses to climate and socio-economic changes in the Arctic. The combination of the work performed by Arctic PASSION will provide compelling evidence to GEO to update Arctic GEOSS’ Community activity’ to the higher level of GEO ‘Regional Initiative’. Our legacy will be a stronger European voice in Arctic observing, and a more inclusive pan-Arctic observing system that supports a prosperous, sustainable and environmentally secure Arctic.


H20-ENV-Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials