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SARS-SARS Intenational Center

Sars International Center

Tildelt: kr 217,0 mill.

The Sars Centre is an international research centre funded by the Norwegian Research Council, the Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs and the University of Bergen. The general priorities of the Sars Centre are to study basic marine life pro cesses through molecular, functional and comparative approaches. There will be an emphasis on marine animals. The Sars Centre started its activity in 1997, and today employs 32 persons from 14 different countries (Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Korea, Norway, Russia, Singepore, Sweden, UK and USA). The Sars Centre will in the future accommodate 5-7 research groups. Five groups are already established. Each research group is headed by an internationally recruited group leader, app ointed for six years. The scientific activity in the Centre is periodically evaluated by an international Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC also plays an important role in recruitment of group leaders and in the orientation of their projects. The Scientific AdvisoryCommittee has together with the DG approved five projects in the domains of marine molecular biology. After six years the research activities will be evaluated by an independent panel. It has been reviewed by the SAC in July 1999 a nd will be reviewed aga in in November 2000. The Sars Centre has been elected as a Marie Curie Training Centre by the European Commission in 2000.


SARS-SARS Intenational Center