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KREFTSATS-Særutlysning kreftmidler, historikk

Intergrated basic and clinical research on pain treatment in cancer

Tildelt: kr 9,5 mill.

The group wants to build on established collaborations to form a strong research team that carries out integrated research on cancer treatment. The principle objective is to improve the treatment of subjective symptoms and to enhance the general well-bein g of patients. The projects involve close collaboration between researchers in the laboratories, the clinic and in social sciences. The laboratories will examine pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of opioids to improve the scientific basis for individu al pain treatment. This involves measurements of levels of active metabolites (morphine-6-glucuronid) relative to inactive (morphine-3-glucuronid) and prodrug (morphine), genotyping (UGT-genes and opioid receptors) and correlation with clinical effects. The clinical projects focus on development, implementation and validation of tools for measurements of subjective outcomes, randomized double-blind studies of effects of morphine (immediate release, sustained release), various regimes for drug administrat ion for optimal cancer care, management of fatigue and cachexia and radiotherapy for painful bone metastasis. The projects will generate huge amounts of data and will require full time participation of a data manager to ensure quality of data handling and to facilitate productive research. The project also aims at strengthening collaborations within our institutions as well as with other institutions in Norway and abroad.


KREFTSATS-Særutlysning kreftmidler, historikk