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OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

Ocean hub monitoring of marine resources

Tildelt: kr 5,2 mill.




2001 - 2004


In this project we want to explore the possibility of development of automatic acoustic systems that monitor and quantify fluxes of biomass through an "acoustic fens". Horizontal and vertical looking acoustic transducers (both fixed and mobile) will form the fens, and their performance will be compared and also matched up to measurements from a quasi-synoptic coverage of the biomass that has passes the fens during a certain time. The project will in general explore the potential of using stationary of s emi-stationary systems that monitor fluxes of biomass over time through points or sections. When such fences are positioned at biologically important strategic areas (oceanic hubs), fundamental new and important information related to stock dynamics can be achieved, and/or information can be obtained more easy and reliable than with traditional tools.


OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

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