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SFF-Sentre for fremragende forskn

Center of Molecular Biology and Neuroscience, CMBN/Senter for molekylærbiologi og nevrovitenskap

Tildelt: kr 210,0 mill.

The treatment of brain diseases continues to lag behind the treatment of disease in other fields of medicine. New principles for therapy and new drug targets are urgently needed. CMBN aims at identifying new directions for therapy through a multidisciplin ary investigation of relevant biological processes and disease mechanisms. The project is divided into eight different Work Packages (WPs). WPs 1 and 2 are tool oriented and emphasize the need to have a sound platform in neuro- and bioinformatics. WPs 3 through 8 are focused on mechanisms relevant for the pathophysiology and future treatment strategies of brain disease. Of these WPs, WPs 3-5 underline the close mechanistic coupling between glutamate signaling, ion channels, and excitotoxicity on the one hand, and DNA damage and repair on the other. WP6 addresses the molecular mechanisms underlying water transport and edema formation in the CNS and is closely linked to WP7, which focuses on infection mechanisms of direct relevance to brain edema and brain disease. Finally, WP8 will unravel principles of stem cell differentiation and neurodevelopment, in the perspective of replacement therapy and targeted repair.


SFF-Sentre for fremragende forskn