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BIOFYS-Fysiologiske og anatomiske fag

Olfactory mediated reproductive behaviour in fish

Tildelt: kr 1,4 mill.

The processing of olfactory information from the olfactory epithelium to the olfactory tract in relation to two different behaviours: food search and alarm behaviours has been established recently. However, olfactory processing of the reproductive behavio ur as to how sex odours are coded in the olfactory system is still obscure. Given its importance in fish farming, we plan to examine the different pathways and mechanisms of the olfactory system involved in fish reproductive behaviour using the crucian ca rp as a model. Recently, a new type of olfactory receptor neurones has been discovered, crypt cells. Preliminary results indicate that the appearance of the crypt cells vary considerably. Furthermore, the results point to a correlation between the appeara nce of these crypt cells in the olfactory epithelium and the reproductive status of fish. Accordingly , our main goal is to examine this type of sensory neurones using different methods and, then, examine the response properties of the secondary neurones in the ventral part of the olfactory bulb. Thus, we sill determine the neural elements involved in med iating the olfactory information about sex stimuli. s involved in med


BIOFYS-Fysiologiske og anatomiske fag

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