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SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

Optimal Design and Operation of Gas Processing Plants

Tildelt: kr 11,7 mill.

The main issue in this project is to develop methodology for better market focus on process control and therby improved operation. Optimal operation of processing plants is a challenging area where new dynamic markets for gas components lead to a need fo r stronger analytical capabilities of decision support tools. Also the supply situation becomes more variable, as the gas companies responds to market opportunities. This leads to a situation where processing plants should be reconfigured more often as a consequence of changing environment. The is a need for better understanding of how to make plantwide plans and implement these through process management. Typically such decision support tools should combine both optimization and simulation capabilities. This is an area where little research has been done, and we wish to focus on developing new methodology for combining simulation and optimization. The starting point in this project is the need for decision support as seen from the personnel in a plant operating company. This defines a set of tasks that requires optimization calculations, process calculations and measurement data handling. The personnel in question can be plant operators, production planners, sales personnel, maintenance planners, proc ess engineers, managements, etc. This requires contribution and integration of several technical disciplines: •Control engineering – process control, control structuring, model interfacing •Industrial Economy - Description of economic mechanisms and env ironment, planning and scheduling •Process engineering – Process knowledge, models, process design •Applied mathematics –Optimization methods, efficient numerical methods, basic supplier to the above disciplines •System integration – Framework/interface s tandards for system components The Gas technology Centre at NTNU/SINTEF has resources within each of the required disciplines and one challenge is to integrate knowledge and tools.


SIPNKOMP-SIP-NHD: Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt


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