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INTSAMGEN-Internasjonalt samarbeid generelt

Bilateral hydrology collaboration between Norway and China

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2005 - 2005


Hydrology deals with hydrology parameter monitoring, data management, modelling analysis and practical solutions. It is indispensable for water resources management, flood and drought control, hydropower development and environment concern. Hydrology Dep artment of NVE in Norway and the Hydrology Bureau, the Ministry of Water Resources of China have had some contacts in recent years. To follow the suggestions put forward by Chinese professionals after their visiting the Hydrology Department and Flooding f orecasting systems of NVE last year, the Hydrology department is interested in enhancing cooperative activities. Therefore, a group of people from the Hydrology Department in going to visit China to have a 2-day?s seminar and then a concrete cooperation p lan is expected. A 2-day?s seminar will be arranged in the Bureau of Hydrology in Beijing in 2005, in which the development progress of the selected topics will be presented by the partners form both sides: (1). Hydrological monitoring systems and hydrol ogy data management; (2). Flood forecasting systems; (3). Drought control measures; (4). Hydrology and hydraulics modelling development, (5). Climate change and (6). Environment consideration. A brochure including the presentations in the seminar will be produced after the seminar. The cooperation activities in future will focus on the following three aspects: (1). Exchange professionals; (2). Cooperate in a project in the less-developed areas, and to help them to establish their hydrological monitoring systems; and (3). Define the research subjects that have mutual interests. In short, this pre-project will enhance the bilateral contact of the two countries under hydrology, and improve the hydrological competences of the professionals and to increase t he bilateral understanding. On this basis, subjects or projects with mutual professional benefits for cooperation will be defined


INTSAMGEN-Internasjonalt samarbeid generelt

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