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NA - Norwegian Plant Science Centre - establisment of bilateral research cooperation

Tildelt: kr 0,15 mill.

The idea of development of a Norwegian Plant Science Centre was initiated about one year ago. On a global scale plants have never been as important to people as at the beginning of the 21th century. We are facing lack of food security, lack of land suita ble for agriculture, demands for alternatives to fossil fuels, pollution, and global warming. Research and teaching concerning plants and plant products, as food, fodder, energy and ornamentals, have been the main focus at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and the research institutes on Campus Ås for long time. The Center and the facilities should both be a virtual and a physical centre, a technology platform for plant sciences. The philosophy of the Norwegian Plant Science Centre are: 1) To be pools of unique resources and technical expertice in order to provide as a service facility to meet the deverse needs by the users of the National Phytotron. 2) To promote synergestic interactions among researchers from multiple disciplines, and thema tic research issues of global importance. 3) Promote intergration of experiments at the National Phytotron with field, modelling, and other controlled research assosiated with excisting institutions and network. 4) Provide leadership in the development of new controlled-environment technologies and capablilities to address important amd emerging scientific issues. 5) Promote and facililate educatinal oppurtunies and training for undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate students and researchers, and attrac s tudents and researchers worldwide. The main goals of our project will be: A. Identify research activitirs and Phytotron facilities in USA and Canada for bilateral research cooperation. B. Develop a long term research cooperation included student exchange with selected institutions. C. Develop research cooperation within areas of high priority: Environmental aspects, food and heath, and bioenergy with modern biothecnological methods included in all areas.



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