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IS-BILAT-Mobilitet Norge-USA /Canada

Between the Still and the Moving: Towards an Aesthetic of Moving Images

Tildelt: kr 70 000

Applicant´s name: PhD-stipendiat Eivind Røssaak (Associate professor at HiT, Bø, on leave) currently at Dept. of Media and Communication, Univ. of Oslo, will travel with his family to the Department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, USA, to do research on his PhD-project in close connection with his American co-director, Prof. Mary Ann Doane who will be his mentor at Brown. The project is part of Liv Hausken´s cross disciplinary project "MediaAesthetics" (Digital Medieestetikk). Applicant´s project summary: This PhD-project brings together a series of essays on an area of intense concern in an era of ever shifting modalities of media and inter-media. This thesis doesn´t simply accept the widespread belief in an undifferentiated convergence of media formats due to new technology. It rather takes a closer look at how the aesthetics of film art takes part in an investigation of new modes of connectivity and difference involving both old and new media. In stead of focussing on the photographic tradition as most film historians do, this project foucus on how film viewing after the digital revolution do not lead to a loss of reality, but to new modes of experience and thinking through imagery. How do these new moving images connect to other art f orms, media, and histories? Through a series of examples from film and video art as well through contemporary debates on method and aesthetics from Gilles Deleuze to Mary Ann Doane (at Brown), the project takes part in a search for a new vocabulary in an age where living pictures no longer has a marginal place in the international debate, but has entered the center of new international research between art history and visual studies.


IS-BILAT-Mobilitet Norge-USA /Canada

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