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Simula School of Research and Innovation (SSRI)

Tildelt: kr 40,0 mill.

The Simula School of Research and Innovation, often referred to as SSRI, was founded in 2007 in order to improve and boost the research education at Simula Research Laboratory. To establish close industrial collaboration with real impact on the shaping of a new educational unit, SSRI was founded as a private company partly owned by industrial partners. SSRI is the organisational unit for all levels of education at Simula Research Laboratory. In particular, these levels count master students, research trai nees, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The research trainee level refers to a one-year position that is used to assess and prepare candidates for a PhD project. All PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at Simula are associated with projects in the relevant basic research departments and are working closely with the other project members. In addition to the funding for positions supplied by Simula Research Laboratory and the Government, substantial private funding is provided by Statoil, the Municip ality of Bærum, and Telenor. The academic degrees will be awarded by a university, which in most cases is our main partner; the University of Oslo. The regulations of the university will apply in full.