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SAMRISK-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiki

Societal risks and risk society in a cross-disciplinary and cross-stakeholder dialogue perspective

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2008 - 2010


Our project suggests to develop, market and arrange altogether five seminars with topics of joint interest for the SAMRISK programme target groups, for the programme community itself and for our centre with its insurance business target groups. Along with such work we expect to build a sustainable network of interdisciplinary researcher, public sector and insurance/safety industry environments, in Norway and a few other countries. The seminar meetings will typically start with a few keynote lectures by in ternational or national experts, designed in a way to maximize participation from our target groups, and to trigger good and relevant media coverage. Any lecture manuscripts will be made available on the website of SAMRISK and of our centre respectively. The workshop part of the seminars (assumed to take between a half and full working day depending on the number of presenters) will offer an opportunity to present and discuss research in progress, hopefully as a step towards scholarly publications. We'll work for obtaining PhD-course credits for the seminars with workshops. The seminars: (1) Societal risk, relevant interdisciplinary frames of reference (Spring 09), main responsibility for design Dr. Jens Zinn, Social Contexts and Responses to Risk Networ k (SCARR), Canterbury, Kent (2) Societal risk in a legal perspective (Summer 09), joint responsibility for design Tobias Mahler (SERI, UiO) and JB, with Barabara Hudson and/or other high-profile authors as keynote speakers (3) Societal risk in an insura nce and re-insurance perspective (Autumn 09), in close cooperation with one or two re-insurance companies (4) Societal risk, risk and crisis dialogue (late Autumn 09), in close cooperation with Stiftung Risikodialog, St. Gallen/ Sveits (cf http://www.ri siko-dialog.ch/) (5) Societal risk: Responsible and competent leadership in crisis situations (Spring 10). Responsible for design and coordination Rune Glomseth (together w/ colleagues if appropriate)


SAMRISK-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiki