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HAVKYST-Havet og kysten

PhD studies at Massachutes Institute of Tecnology (MIT) for Lise Doksæter

Tildelt: kr 55 999

The project Low frequency acoustics- potentials and dangers for low frequency acoustics (LowFreq) (project number 184705, application number ES425816) was founded by the Norwegian Research Council in 2007. This project has a twofold aim; 1) testing the ef fect of low frequency, military sonars on marine mammals and fish, and 2) investigating the potential of using such sonars in long distance monitoring of fish schools. The project involved a PhD scholarship, with the PhD candidate participating in both p arts of the project. Lise Doksæter, Msc from University of Bergen, was hired to this position. To get the best possible outcome of the PhD project, as well as ensure a satisfying recruitment to IMR by highly qualified personnel in the field, it is importa nt that the PhD candidate get a good training and education in the field of acoustics. LowFreq has several international partners, among them Massachutes Institute of Technology (MIT), represented by professor Nick Makris. As one of the worlds leading un iversities in technology, MIT offers the best and most specialized education in underwater acoustics. Via this international collaboration with professor Makris, the PhD candidate has been invited to study one semester at MIT, taking different relevant co urses in underwater acoustics. Three or four different courses will be chosen from the following (for more information regarding courses, see project description): 1. Acoustic Sensing 2. Fundamentals and Applications of Underwater Sound 3. Acoustical Ocea nography 4. Environmental Ocean Acoustics 5. Marine Bioacoustics and Geoacoustics 6. Wave propagation The education at MIT will give the student insight and knowledge on underwater acoustics as will be used to calculate sound propagation under different hydrographical conditions.


HAVKYST-Havet og kysten