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NORKLIMA-Klimaendringer og konsekvenser for Norge

Climate impacts of short-lived pollutants in the polar regions (CLIMSLIP)

Tildelt: kr 1,9 mill.

Prosjektsammendrag: NILU will coordinate the Joint Research Project. This task will include organizing meetings, ensuring information flow between work packages and project partners, and leading the reporting. NILU will also set up a webpage that will se rve to communicate results both inside the project and to the outside. NILU will furthermore engage with international projects, organizations and policy initiatives (e.g., IGAC, iLEAPS, HTAP, SPAC, etc.). NILU will contribute to WP 1 with FLEXPART transp ort model calculations for several measurement stations and analysis of SLP source regions, as well as with a transport climatology for Antarctica (PIs: A. Stohl, A.-C. Engvall). For WP 3, NILU will investigate the conditions under which high and low ozon e concentrations are observed at Arctic stations (PI: A.-C. Engvall). NILU will be involved in WP 5 with analysis of aerosol data from measurement stations in the Arctic and Antarctic (PI: M. Fiebig). NILU will furthermore contribute to WP 6 with albedo m easurements (coordinated with BC measurements by US) from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (PI: J. Burkhart), and with climate model sensitivity experiments of the BC snow/ice albedo effect (PI: Y. Orsolini). Finally, NILU (PI: Stohl) will lead the CLIMSLI P synthesis (WP 7).


NORKLIMA-Klimaendringer og konsekvenser for Norge