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EISCAT_3D preparation in Norway

Tildelt: kr 0,41 mill.

The EISCAT organisation was in 2005 awarded by EU a grant to carry through a design study of a third generation incoherent scatter radar system in north Scandinavia named EISCAT_3D. DPT at UiT took part in this project as one of 4 partners by being respon sible for two out of 13 work packages; WP5 Interferometry and WP10 New users. The design study ended in April 2009. In the meantime EISCAT_3D was in 2008 chosen by EU to the ESFRI Roadmap of Large Scale European Research Infrastructure for the next 20-30 years. In December 2010 EISCAT submitted a new application to EU for an EISCAT_3D preperatory phase study. The application was awarded in October 2010 and this study will last until 2014. DPT is one of 8 partnes of this project by contributing to 4 out of 14 work packages; WP1 Management and reporting, WP2 Legal and logistical issues, WP5 Consortium building and WP10 Aperture synthesis imaging (EASI). For the latter DPT is the main responsible. The construction phase is expected to start in 2014.The objec tives for the preparatory phase study are: Support for the preparatory phase leading to the construction of new research infrastructures, Bring the project to the level of legal and financial maturity, Promote the project among the stakeholders and recrui t new ones, Perform necessary tasks on legal, governanse strategic, financial and technical issues, Improve upon and update the scientific objectives such as: The energy input from the solar wind and the magnetosphere/ionosphere, the solar variability eff ects in the Arctic atmosphere, coupling of atmospheric regions, turbulence in the neutral atmosphere and space plasmas, dust and aerosols and meteoric input to the atmosphere, ion outflow at high latitudes, small structures and filamentation of the auro ra, space weather research and support towards operational services. An EISCAT_3D kick off meeting took plase on Oct.21-22 2010 and the project is now in progress.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt